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Sell more using a digital menu 

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Sell more, adjust prices realtime & learn more about your guests

Want to make more sales? It all starts with your menu

But a paper menu has it limitations like: printing costs, cleaning & gets worn out.

With a digital menu app you are in control. You adjust menu-items, prices & specials realtime. 

At ScanGlue we build your own app, a digital experience your guests will love; optimized for mobile, using animations, swipe features and photos and videos. 

Sign up today and we will help you to be ready for a digital future. 

How it works? Easy.

Just upload your menu and we take care of the rest.



Sign up and upload your menu you already have in pdf format.

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We create your digital menu and and deliver the QR codes as stickers or flyers.

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Display the QR code on every table so your customers can scan it.

The benefits.

Save costs & sell more

You have more control over your menu items. You don't have to print new menu's and show your products visually: with photos and video's.

Always up to date

Update and manage your menu items and prices realtime. No need for reprinting paper menus.

Your specials, swiping and scrolling

Let your guests discover your products​ and specials in a way they expect on their mobile phone. Swiping and scrolling, just like Instagram and Facebook.

Covid-19 registration

Give guests a self-check in form where they fill in their contact details due to COVID-19 regulations. No more administration for you.

Learn from your data

What do category do your guests watch? For how long? What specials are most popular? Every month you get a report with all analytics related to your app.

A digital menu co-exists perfectly with your physical menu

Although, with all COVID-19 health measures we think that your guests should at least have the option to choose which menu they prefer. 


Starting from


per month

bring your menu to life

Prepare your bar, restaurant and café for the future.

Give your guests the opportunity to scan a digital menu is just a quick start in the right direction. 

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The new way for guests to discover your products

Frequently Asked Questions

A guest never sits in a cafe or restaurant without ordering a drink or something to eat. That is why choosing and ordering is an important moment. Precisely, at that time, you want to present your products at the best way possible. And a chalkboard or a weekly menu flyer might not be the best solution. With a recognizable Glue QR code that invites guests to scan you are able to present your menu and your specials in a unique & attractive way.
You don’t have to clean a digital menu. To comply with the COVID-19 guidelines as much as possible, a digital menu that navigates like you are used to on a smartphone is almost indispensable.
That depends on you. Your regular (physical) menu and digital menu can coexist.
No, not yet. The interaction between guest and host/hostess is important. But we are looking into it.
Our vision is to enrich the ‘offline’ experience of guests in and around your business/venue. The goal of your website is to encourage people to visit your restaurant/bar/cafe and present them the information they are looking for. A digital menu via Glue focuses on the specific moment that someone is going to order. It is precisely then when you want to present your products guest in the best way. Glue apps differ from the traditional website by using a different technology, which gives your customer a better mobile experience.
Your digital menu is accessible via a link and thus directly available via any mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser, Opera, etc.). You don’t need to download a separate app from the App Store.

For further questions or inquiries you can send an email to And you receive an answer a.s.a.p.